Funds raised: $12.7 million   |   Founded 2017

Antoxerene performs pipeline testing for small molecule drugs that target protein-drug and protein-protein interactions. The platform is based on a patent-pending production technology, which enables manufacturing of impossible to express protein targets in biologically active form, at scale.

Funds raised: In progress   |   Founded 2018

Auctus Biologics is a biotechnology company that is developing an antibody mimetic scaffold for clinical and diagnostic applications that is gut stable and orally bioavailable.

Funds raised: $500k   |   Founded 2018

Repair Biotechnologies is engaged in developing forms of gene and protein therapy aimed at aspects of aging. Their first area of focus is reversal of age-associated thymic atrophy and consequent loss of immune function. The second is a novel means to reverse atherosclerosis by providing circulating monocytes with the ability to break down cholesterol.

Funds raised: $300k   |   Founded 2016

RecombiPure is a biotechnology company specializing in next-generation protein expression and purification technologies. Our product offerings include patent-pending chromatography resins, columns and reagents, as well as recombinant proteins and custom protein expression services.

Funds raised: $750k  |   Founded 2015

Lysoclear is developing an enzyme therapy for the treatment of dry age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in old age.